Prof. Dahmani Fathallah

Prof. Dahmani Fathallah

Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain
, Chairman Department of Life Sciences

Biography :

MDF is King Fahd chair of Medical Biotechnology and International expert in Biotechnology and Bioproducts development. He received his degrees and training from Paul Sabatier University France, Oxford University, UK and Harvard University, USA. He holds an eMBA from the Robert Kennedy School of Business. He is a former senior scientist at the Institute Pasteur of Tunis and CSO of Jeddah Biocity Inc and CEO/Founder of RethabBiotech Inc startup. He holds nine International patents for the development of biopharmaceutical innovative products. He authored over 150 international scientific papers, three books and several general papers on bio-economy/ transfer of biotechnologies. He trained 35 PhDs, 69 Masters and 15 Medical Biotech engineers. He delivered over 100 talks throughout the world. MDF is the recipient of several international awards.