Scientific Sessions

Track 1

COVID-19 Case Reports

Track 2

Novel Coronavirus COVID-19

Track 3

Impact of COVID-19

Track 4

Clinical Trials on COVID-19

Track 5

General Virology Rare Diseases

Track 6

Veterinary Virology

Track 7

Medical Virology

Track 8

Viral Oncology

Track 9

HIV, AIDS and other Emerging Viruses

Track 10

Plant and Agricultural Virology

Track 11

Viral Biochemistry

Track 12

Clinical Virology

Track 13

Insect Virus and Fungal Virology

Track 14

Viral Infections during Pregnancy

Track 15

Respiratory Viral Infections

Track 16

Immunology and Vaccines

Track 17

Bacterial Infectious Diseases

Track 18

Parasitic Infectious Diseases

Track 19

Fungal Infectious Diseases

Track 20

Neuro Infectious Diseases

Track 21

Pulmonary and Chest Infections

Track 22

Urinary Tract Infections

Track 23

Gastrointestinal Infections

Track 24

Dental and Oral Infectious Diseases

Track 25

Obstetrics and Gynecology Infectious Diseases

Track 26

Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Track 27

Animal Infectious Diseases

Track 28

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Track 29

Ebola and Zika Viral Infections

Track 30

Blood Stream Infections

Track 31

Microbiology and Immunology

Track 32

Viral Infections and Recent Advancements

Track 33

Current research on Viral and Rare Diseases

Track 34

Diagnosis of Viral Infectious Diseases

Track 35

Antiviral Drug Discovery and Development

Track 36

Clinical Studies and Case Reports

Track 37

Rare Diseases and Drug Development

Track 38

Antibodies Engineering and Therapeutics

Track 39

Health Care Associated Infections

Track 40

Global Market on Virology and Infectious Diseases