Dr. Tomas Veloz

Geomodeler, Ciencia & Vida foundation in Santiago, Chile.

Dr. Tomas Veloz is an interdisciplinary researcher with a background in physics, mathematics and computer science. He is currently leading the mathematical modelling team at the COVID19 Geomodeler of Project at Ciencia& Vida foundation in Santiago, Chile. The project aims at developing a tool to forecast the evolution of COVID19 combining geo-spatial, behavioral, and epidemiological information in a meta-populations differential-equations-based compartmental model.

He has published more than 50 research articles of diverse levels of technicality and in several areas including cognitive science, ecology, epidemiology, among others. He has developed international collaborations not only in science (researching for collaborative grants, organizing conferences, editing books and magazines, etc.), but also as an entrepreneur in renewable energies, and as a musician.

He is also the director of the Foundation for the Interdisciplinary Development of Science,Technology and Arts (Santiago, Chile), the head of mathematical modeling at the Centre Leo Apostel, VUB, (Brussels, Belgium), and scientific advisor of the General Comptroller in Chile.

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