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1 Narendra Kumar Chopra
Study of HIV status in 500 cases 0f S.T.Ds
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2 Vladimir Zajac
Identification of a new coronavirus in rectal swabs 15-30 days afterovercoming the infection
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3 Shyamapada Mandal
Exploring the phytochemical based inhibition of PonA1 fromMycobacterium tuberculosis by molecular docking, dynamic simulationand ADMET studies
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4 Abdullah A Alabbasi
The prevalence of comorbidities among adult people diagnosed withHIV infection in a tertiary care hospital in western Saudi Arabia
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5 Laiba Arshad
Enhanced immunosuppressive effects of 3,5-bis[4(diethoxymethyl)benzylidene]-1-methyl-piperidin- 4-one, an ?, ?-unsaturated carbonyl-based compound as PLGA-b-PEG nanoparticles
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6 Samuel Sunday Taiwo
Antimicrobial Resistance: Framework for Amtimicrobial StewardshipImplementation in LAUTECH Teaching Hospital, Nigeria.
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7 Mahnoor Patel
Exploring Candida auris Proteome to Identify Potential VaccineCandidates against the Infection Using an ImmunoinformaticsApproach
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8 V Nastasenko
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9 Keshavarzi Davoud
Usutu Virus Potential Vectors and their Diversity in Iran: A NeglectedEmerging Arbovirus
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10 Hari P Nepal
Knowledge of chikungunya among newly admitted students at anoffshore medical University in the Caribbean
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11 K M Yacob
Does fever increase or decrease blood circulation?
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